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Can a white mother and white father born "little fellow in black" child? Yes, if for a few years before marriage my mother had an affair with an African, supporters say Telegony: "The first man passes his entire genome of the future offspring." Recently Telegony increasingly becoming a tool of church sermons. Indeed, if science has proved that premarital intercourse involve themselves as irreversible and disastrous consequences - not the best there is an argument in defense of chastity?
Opponents Telegony tell a story like this: when a priest in the Sunday school to teach children the Telegony in the class was a boy whose mother even before they get to know the baby's father, was married to another man, and the kid knew that. After listening to the priest, he asked: "So then, my dad - it's not my dad? So I did, was born not known from whom? ".

Telegony (from Greek: TV - "far" and genos - "origin") - this idea that the first sexual partner affects the phenotype (outward signs) subsequent offspring are born from another partner. Confidence in the existence of the phenomenon Telegony was distributed in the XIX century among the "breeders" - people involved in breeding thoroughbred animals: dogs, horses, etc. However, for many years Telegony was well forgotten and only at the end of XX century about it remembered Orthodox public. "When my student brought me a brochure on Telegony, I do hair stand on end from the pseudo-level discussion of this problem! Does Telegony scientific status today? It is safe to say that this misconception - Galina commented Muravnik, a geneticist, teacher's Biblical Theological Institute of St.. ap. Andrew. - This theory emerged in the 60-ies of the XIX century, when there were still no known laws of genetics, nor particularly embryogenesis, it was not possible to conduct accurate scientific experiments necessary to demonstrate any scientific hypothesis. "

The brochure, which Telegony obliged to present its popularity, went out of ten thousand copies in the beginning of the two thousandth years and was named "Chastity and Telegony - The Orthodox Church and modern science on the issue of genetic inversions. In addition to the mysterious appeal of the anonymous "scientists" (scientists have proved ...», "scientists have discovered ...»), argument articles included in the collection, mainly based on the work of some of Felix Ledanteka - French biologist and Darwinist end of the century before last which took the title of "chief atheist France.

"The work, which is referred to supporters Telegony -" Individual evolution, heredity, and Neo-Darwinists, "I found in Leninke, its 24 th chapter is called:" Telegony, or the influence of the first male ", - says Galina Muravnik. - Ledantek it does not result in any rigorous scientific material: someone said something to someone somewhere heard ... But he makes an attempt to explain the mechanism Telegony: Ledantek argued that, if the relationship ended with the first male pregnancy , the fetus still in the womb has an impact on its other germ cells located in the ovaries. Later, when these cells as a result of subsequent contacts will be fertilized, because of the "influence" the first fruit of the offspring will have a clear imprint of the first partner.

About the compulsory first pregnancy, which insists Ledantek, modern telegonisty silent, presenting a picture Telegony as a consequence of any sexual immorality (including those cases where the pregnancy is not followed). At the same time, the original interpretation of the French scientist implies pregnancy as a prerequisite manifestation of the effect Telegony. But what is this mysterious effect that the fetus has on the mother cell, what is its mechanism, Ledantek not specify.

"Answer the question of what kind of impact, it is impossible, because the phenomenon Telegony is outside the scientific field. Its supporters - and in the XIX century, and the authors present the booklet - do not result in any scientific arguments, and its ideas contradict the fundamentals of modern genetics and embryology ", - says Galina Muravnik. After the appearance of Felix Ledanteka Telegony tried experimentally verified. "It is because a large number of pilot sites - pigeons, horses, dogs, rabbits, mice - such a phenomenon as Telegony were recorded, interest in it was lost." The idea that the fetus may somehow affect the sex cells of women, according to Galina Muravnik, only consonant with the ideas of the infamous "fighter with genetics" Academician Lysenko. That he belongs to the "theory" that the somatic (not sex) cells can influence the sex cells and somehow change them. "For such an assumption Lysenko was a continuation of his anti-scientific idea that the heredity of an organism can" raise "by similar effects on somatic cells. For proof of this idea-fix author spent a great deal not only state funds, but also lives - hundreds of geneticists, the color of Science Russia, were shot or framed in the camp. But finding the mechanism of fruit on the egg, that is, a pilot to confirm his hypothesis, Lysenko could not. And in general, about some subtle genetic studies can say, if Lysenko until the last days of life persistently denied the reality of the gene, the laws of genetics, known as Mendel's laws.

The most famous witness "Telegony, Earl Morton, who lived in the middle of the XIX century. Story of his mare, recorded the words of the count by Charles Darwin, tells almost all supporters Telegony. His horse crossed with Count Quagga (a type of zebra), but a few years sold it to a new host, who covered the mare Arabian stallion. In the foal, which then brought the horse, Morton, who had seen him in passing, remarked on the rump of the band - like a zebra, with whom he had once crossed the mare. In 1997, two university professors - Alexander Spirin, director of the Institute of the protein in Pushchino, the largest specialist in the field of molecular biology, and Professor Marlene Aslanian, Professor of Genetics, Biological Faculty, Moscow State University, an expert in animal breeding - have written an article entitled "Striped daughter of a mare Lord Morton, "which analyzed the case and showed that the observed count" striation "was caused by a hormonal malfunction, unblocked ancient genes. Thus, the Earl of Morton faced not with the phenomenon Telegony, but with the usual atavism.

The last reason telegonistov: preservation of sperm into the uterus. Male germ cells are supposedly stored for a long time in the genital tract of women and allegedly can be a considerable time later give rise to a new life. "But this contradicts the fact that we do know today about human embryogenesis: the sperm can not be stored or accumulate in the body a woman - says Galina Muravnik - getting into the genital tract, spermatozoa remain viable there is not more than three days. Even if we imagine that the sperm or, in extreme cases, its chromosomes are captured by the epithelial cells lining the genital tract of women, that is, sperm is destroyed itself, and its genetic material "seized", as it advocates presuppose Telegony, then this option does not explain consistent. After all, the epithelial cells also short-lived: they die within a few days and replaced with new! The same applies to open not so long ago prion infections - another attempt by some defenders Telegony explain its effect. Prion infection is not transmitted the virus and not bacteria, and prions - a special protein. These infections can disrupt DNA of cells, causing a terrible disease (BSE). But to make the body any new features - this prions do not pretend. So that this "mechanism" Telegony deleted. From the standpoint of science reasoning defenders Telegony untenable, even when they are moving away from ideas Ledanteka, trying to exploit the "modern" arguments for his theory. "

Can I build a sermon on the "white spots"?
Nevertheless, in an Orthodox environment, we see a sustained attempt to "integrate" into the system Telegony Orthodox Christianity and apologetics. It happens that the theory finds its followers, but there are other examples. Galina Muravnik: "One young girl, a pupil of the Sunday school, having heard about Telegony, was admitted to the Faculties of Biology. After studying a year, a course of embryology, she arrived on vacation, came to Sunday school and said: "You know, I do not want to be in the church, where there is such obscurantism".
"In the Orthodox environment, respect for science is very great. Unfortunately, sometimes going maintenance of our respect for science, we see mimicry and pseudo-science as science - commented Archpriest Roman Bratchikov, rector of Assumption Church Kurchatov city of Kursk region, a graduate of the biological faculty of Moscow State University. - Telegony - is clearly pseudoscientific theory. And you can not prop up the Word of God clearly false teachings - it is immoral! Assert morality immoral methods - it is not Orthodoxy.

"I think that the apology from the science of being a missionary is acceptable, - considers Sergiy Krivovichev Deacon, Professor of St. Petersburg State University, Head of the Department of Crystallography, laureate of the President of Russia in the field of science and innovation. - But it should not be based on trying to prove, for example, the truth of the flood (from a geological point of view of its duration was very small) or the existence of angels by measuring the torsion fields, and the indication of the profound intuitions, which are incorporated in the foundations of modern science - for example , the anthropic principle (establishing a definite relationship between the fundamental properties of the universe in general and the presence in her life and person, not approving at the same time, in contrast to anthropocentrism, the uniqueness of the human race - approx. ed.), or fundamental differences between living and nonliving matter. It should only take into account that the science of the spirit of modern times significantly deviated from the Church of mystical philosophy, the spirit of the holy fathers. She was born and developed outside the Orthodox Church, in the depths of Western Christianity, which dried up the current living tradition and entered the path of humanistic philosophy. This is inevitably distorted and spiritual life, and the very worldview. In the eyes of a scientist-humanist universe ceased to be associated with the Creator (remember the controversy about the nature of the light of Tabor and the uncreated energies involved, the holy fathers in all things) and subject to relentless (if I may say so, neblagogoveynomu) analysis. From the perspective of the Holy Fathers of the way to the knowledge of the nature of things lies not through analysis and experiment, and after acquiring the grace of the Holy Spirit. This knowledge is fundamentally different from scientific knowledge and is not an end in itself. So, I think it would be very important to develop such a view of science, which would, on the one hand, well-informed (not amateurish in terms of science itself) and, on the other hand, - deeply religious. I think that, given the way the Russian Church and Russian science in the XX century, such a task would have been of Russian theology fully capable, although it requires not only scientific but also spiritual tension and heroism.

However, pseudo-science can only discredit the Church. In the non-Orthodox apologetics is the term «God of holes» - God, to plug the gaps. That is, in our knowledge there are some white spots, is crude theory on which to build apologies, but there must be very careful. Often there are cases where the clergy has no special science education can rise to the bait of false theories and build a sermon on it, but man, versed in science, is scare away from the Church. "

Priest people often ask about everything and believe that my father must know everything, but the priest - not an expert on everything. "In science, but the proven theories, there are many hypotheses - the assumption, while not having evidence that may be, nevertheless, a good stimulus for the movement of scientific thought, to search for the truth. But to base theology on such a hypothesis - is extremely dangerous, because tomorrow, most of them will be refuted and forgotten "- warns Father Roman Bratchikov.

"On arrival we were discussing Telegony, when a reader brought the book - says Deacon Sergei Krivovichev. - Our abbot then judged very wisely: he said that Telegony theologically unsound simply because it calls to live morally, on the basis of risk of injury only to the physical nature of man. And then lost a very important spiritual dimension! We are called not to sin is not for the sake of health, but because there are moral precepts, which we must abide before God. Christianity does not promise us a permanent well-being, contrary to Christ go through Calvary. Here we must be more sensitive and spiritual insight. Such exercises as Telegony be distributed in an Orthodox environment, because their logic is clear the common man. For if to say: do not sin, and then get sick too, he will be easier to accept than "sin no more, because you'll get the joy of the kingdom of heaven."

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